Each of the topics listed below may be designed as a Speaking Event, Seminar or Workshop. Please review the topics and pricing, then contact us to book your event!

Length: 75-90 minutes 3 hours Full Day
Max. Participants : 500 35 50
Fee: $3,500 $4,500 $7,500

All Speaking Engagements, Seminars, Workshops and Private Sessions must be scheduled through Mr. Giampapa on an individual basis.

Associations / Clubs / Organizations

The Power of Love

Mr. Giampapa brings 30 years of research and personal experience across 13 countries to show how love is indeed an energy and/or power which is available to us to use for optimum success and empowerment in our life.

The Relationship Cure

This experience encompasses the fact that at any given time, we are involved in at least three or four significant relationships (i.e., spouse/lover, employer/employee, siblings, children, etc...). This program provides participants with "Tools" for creating positive, harmonious relationships. Based on years of research and practical application, vis-a-vis his now well known instrument: The Relationship Tune-Up Kit.

Putting the Human Back Into Being

Designed to not only inspire and empower those in attendance, but to instill a personal call to action for raising one's success in life.

What I Will, I Can!

Zeroes in specifically on the importance of clear focus and vision for the purposes of achieving one's goals. In short, getting you back on track towards becoming the success you were meant to become.

Corporate / Civic / Commerce

Putting The Human Element Back Into Business

(Motivational Empowerment Session) Addresses the "Human Component" as the KEY ELEMENT in any corporation functioning, yet, often times is left lacking, in lieu of upgrading "technological equipment and systems". Bottom line: "Things don't run a business...people do!" Providing an "Employee Tune-Up" not only raises morale...but efficiency and profits as well. Incorporates "tools" for Effective Communication.

Effective Inter-Personal Communication

Inter-personal communication is the life blood of an organization, yet research is bearing out that most organizations are operating at fifty or sixty percent effectiveness at best...because of lack of proper inter-personal communication. Let's face it, most companies will do their best to keep on top of the latest technology, but fail miserably when it comes to the craft of accurate communicating between individuals be they, management or co-workers, costing companies millions of dollars in lost revenues, due to break-downs and/or inaccurate communicative flow. Mr. Giampapa has been labeled a Specialist in cutting edge effective communication.

NOTE: Mr. Giampapa is also available for "Wholeness Training" and/or Individual Coaching Sessions covering such things as: Re-Programming for Success, Inter-Personal Communications and Self-Worth Enhancement. All such sessions must be negotiated with Mr. Giampapa directly.