"Joe, I watched these women hang on your words, you fed them today. They were starving and you fed them. I feel so good about being able to give you to these people. I think you're incredible."

Project Manager, Mothers Rebuilding Families



"Fantastic! ... All materials presented can be used daily ... Thank you! Joe, as the saying goes, "When you are ready, the teacher will appear." Your teaching was fantastic!"

Nancy Kuhles, Speech Pathologist



"Unlike anything else I've ever experienced! EXTREMELY WORTHWHILE!"

Lee Barkley, CEO Bosbar, Inc.



"Excellent. I didn't know it would affect my life so much. EVERYONE should have this experience!"

The attendees at a speaker "showcase" for convention planners at the Reno Hilton rated Mr. Giampapa FIRST CHOICE out of ten national speakers presented !

Mr. Giampapa was among fourteen highly respected presenters at a recent two-day state conference for educators covering a wide spectrum of topics. The evaluations were tabulated and Mr. Giampapa-- TOPPED THE LIST.

A CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer states that Joseph Giampapa's video tape was one of the most popular tapes in their entire video library!

Mr. Giampapa's 90 minute talk was rated the HIGH POINT of an eight week comprehensive program sponsored by the state for corporate executives who were victims of downsizing.


"...Remember us and thanks Mr.G., you made us believe in ourselves."

"...You are so very special to me, you make me feel good about myself, which isn't easy to do."

"... You've brought sunshine into my life ... Thanks, you helped me see straight when the world looked so bleak."


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Correspondence Excerpts

Washington,D.C. 20510

“Enclosed please find a synopsis of a program developed by Joseph Giampapa….The aim of “The Special Show” is to develop a strong sense of identity and self worth among our nation’s small children. It is believed that this approach will strengthen our children’s sense of self image; and thus, assist them in becoming resistive to substance and child abuse.

I believe this to be a worthwhile program…

I appreciate your reviewing this material…”

United States Senator

Congress of The United States
House of Representatives
Washington D.C. 20515

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“…… THE SPECIAL SHOW is a television program which would be filmed in Nevada. It would target pre-school children and is aimed at preventing them from becoming involved in drugs by developing healthier attitudes and a positive self image…Mr. Giampapa is currently involved with “at risk” teenagers….He has a background in education and entertainment; he earned a Master’s degree at UNR having done his thesis based on the entertainment needs of children and has a successful record with the entertainment industry…

I would appreciate your giving his project every consideration.”

Member of Congress

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“This is a letter in support of a program for …. [ high school ]students, which is designed to increase their attendance rate and academic level.  This program will be presented by Mr. Joseph Giampapa who holds a Master’s degree in interpersonal communication.  It will be a motivational program designed to improve self-esteem and motivation, and ensure life success for our students.

This is a program which holds tremendous potential for improving both of these aspects of school functioning. I endorse the proposal and look forward to positive results.”

Dr. Mary Nebgen

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