What I Will...I Can!What I Will...I Can!


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In this high tech, fast paced world of ten second commercials, micro sound bites, instant messages etc, to say nothing of the staggering increase in ADD, is it any wonder that all too often many books, though rich and valuable in content…go “unread”…simply because of their “volume”.

What I Will …I Can was specifically written to “cut to the chase” and give viable and practical advice and/or solutions to many of life’s challenges facing us. This short “Power-Packed” Self-Actualization guidebook is loaded with valuable and vital information to help the reader live a healthier, happier more successful life.

Joseph Giampapa takes his forty years experience as an Educator, Private Practitioner and skills as a Self-Empowerment Specialist and shares them with us, affording the reader a chance to significantly improve his/her quality of life.

Raised in the Chicago area and coming from a large Italian family, he quickly learned the value and power of such things as love, cooperation, sharing and caring for one another. In later years, he learned to not only embrace these values, but to share them, first, with his audiences as a stand-up comedian, and show producer for our servicemen overseas, and later as an educator and private practitioner, helping individuals to “re-program” their lives for a more successful and happier life. He holds with the philosophy that “there is no such thing as an insignificant human being”. Having developed many cutting edge programs for both, the private and civic sector, he carries the distinction of having had one of his programs for children reviewed by White House Staff for possible development as an educational television series for preschoolers to help give them a positive jumpstart for school. 
Joseph Giampapa was also added to the prestigious Entertainment Industries Council “Speakers Bureau Roster of Celebrities” (With such Board Members, past and present like, Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, Tim Conway, Jack Anderson, to name a few).

It is not uncommon for standing ovations to take place during his packed lectures and seminars. A CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer stated that a Joseph Giampapa video (taped by an audience member) is “…the most popular video in our library!” And at a speaking engagement for “downsized executives,” his seventy-five minute talk was rated the “High Point” of their entire eight-week training experience.


Testimonials for "What I Will...I Can!"


“Your book is always on the front seat of my car.  It is 'dog-eared' and highlighted. I often go out at lunchtime to read parts of it over and over again...it's so helpful!"

(Name Withheld)


“Thank you for your amazing book ! I love it and am reading it- savoring every sentence…I want to order six more copies."

Patricia Fedanzo, School Nurse


"I have a habit a speaking what's on my mind. Brilliant book... It is going to stay on the coffee table as a reference. 

Gino G. (Texas)


"I have had the book for awhile ... started to read it a couple of months ago (a couple of pages) and I put it down.  The day I texted you I had been putting things away in my bedroom and saw your book on my nightstand.  I picked it up and started reading and didn't put it down until I was finished.  I laughed, I cried and I really thought about every word and every concept you spoke of.  Just let me say that I am glad that I waited and read it when I was ready ... 'Awesomer' :-). "

(Name Withheld)


"What I Will... I Can !... what an amazing book. I could not stop reading this book. I will use parts of this book in my life coaching seminars."

Marcia Fialdini, Certified Life Coach (California/Nevada)


"My assistant Principal, saw me reading it ...wants a copy of your book."

Teacher/Chicago Public School


"This book is a great book for those who find themselves struggling with 'real' life. This writer uses language that can be read at the 5th grade level so that all people from all backgrounds can benefit from his great words and essential lessons that we all can apply to our own lives! I enjoyed this book and have shared it with ALL of my family old and young!"

Heidi D. (Nevada)


"This morning, for the First Time in my entire life, I read a book from start to finish in one sitting. I think everybody in the world has a lesson or two to learn from this book. Joseph Giampapa thank you so much for bringing me back to the person I once was."

Gino G. (Texas)


"You are an inspiring speaker....from the heart with conviction. Thank you for your book...very much a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs... I can almost hear your voice [while reading]."

Aimee C. (Singapore)