A nationally known Speaker and Educator, Mr. Giampapa holds a Masters Degree in communication and affiliations in three countries. He has been named to the Entertainment Industry Council Speakers Bureau's "Roster of Celebrities" with such Board Member notables (past and present) as Frank Sinatra, Tim Conway, Lucille Ball, and Jack Anderson to name a few. He specializes in the areas of "Self-Empowerment", Effective Communication, Self-image and making positive impacts in peoples' lives.

Joseph Giampapa was raised in the suburbs of Chicago . By the time he was eighteen, he was working for the Red Cross entertainment service as a "stand-up comedian. Using "family humor" and coming from a family of eleven, he was never at a loss for material.

When he was in Europe , he wrote, directed and produced various road shows for our servicemen overseas. Later in the states, as a teacher with a background in Communication and Sociology, he always made sure his students were getting their money's worth. He created high energy projects such as burying a "time capsule" in front of city hall and helped supply a school being built in the Philippines through the Peace Corps.

As an Educator, he is known for his innovative programs stressing positive self-worth and various programs directed towards "kids at risk". His Master's thesis was based on the aesthetic needs of children which he researched while touring the school systems from Oregon clear down to Mexico .

Joe has been labeled a leader in the field of interpersonal communication and maintained a private practice for years, helping individuals "reprogram" their lives for success. He has developed programs for both the corporate and private sectors and has served on and chaired many community boards. He has developed television programs for preschoolers to bolster self-worth and has had White House staff recommend one of his programs with possible implementation in the future.

Mr. Giampapa holds with the philosophy that everyone was meant to be someone. His own list of titles include: Professor, Playwright, Director, Producer and Lecturer. He is dedicated to helping each of us communicate more effectively. He introduces us to our own personal "tools for life" enabling each of us to empower ourselves to achieve greatness.